Afi-X instructor video

With a real video recording of a test flight, you can get aboard the aircraft for a while and watch the way the artificial flight instructor works. It is very similar to as if there were a human instructor on board.

Things we would like to achieve by implementing artificial flight instructors worldwide:
  • Post basic training pilot practice and supervision
  • Continued improvements of experienced pilots piloting skills and bad habit elimination
  • Pilot competitions (local and/or international) with an added value of increased safety and the option of winning, e.g., valuable prizes
  • Insurance premium discounts for both the pilot and the aircraft owner (subject to insurance company interest and involvement)
  • Reductions in the number of aviation accidents and incidents
Suggested Artificial Flight Instructor Areas of Use:
  • Commercial and military pilot trainings on flight simulators with guaranteed uniform evaluation methodology applied (an artificial flight instructor does not get emotional or tired; always evaluates in the same way and can even adapt to the specific flight technique used by the pilot)
  • A tool for a subsequent evaluation of the flight by the pilot with the option to identify the errors made by the pilot (post-flight analysis)
  • Supervision and the option of training pilots (operators) of unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Add-on for flight simulators, namely Microsoft Simulator, xPlane and FligthGear designed for computer game players who enjoy flying on simulators, but acquire their flight skills ad hoc only

Afi-X instructor description

Every flight is different and the saying: “Once you are up, you will get down eventually,” does not apply. Improving your piloting skills is important for your personal development, your safety, and your ability to always return to the solid ground, i.e., land safe and sound. Let’s join forces and, thanks to the AFI-X, together increase the aviation safety and limit the number of fatal accidents.

What can you look forward to in the near future?

You board the aircraft and switch on the AFI-X application. The application will connect to the on-board system. From that moment on, you will always have an artificial flight instructor on board, as if a human instructor were sitting next to you. Wherever you fly, an artificial flight instructor will always be by your side, offering useful advice, sharing concerns regarding your piloting as well as bad weather warnings or alerts regarding prohibited and restricted areas. Long before the pilot notices, artificial intelligence is able to evaluate whether the situation is irreversibly approaching a non-standard, extraordinary or critical scenario and warn the pilot. No one is infallible. Since the pilot must pay attention to a range of information in-flight, such as the other aircraft traffic in their vicinity, all radio frequency communications, flight, engine and airframe parameters, the load may result in the fact that the pilot overlooks some essential piece of information, which could result, e. g., in a non-standard situation.

What's more, the AFI-X artificial flight instructor will adapt to your needs, i.e., your way of flying, provided it is safe. This means, you will not have to adapt to a specific style of flying our AFI-X artificial flight instructor teaches. As in a computer game, you will even be able to set the level of complexity (accuracy) of flying or, alternatively, leave it to the artificial flight instructor to select the appropriate level based on your abilities and gradually increase it.

After the flight, the pilot can have a de-briefing with the artificial flight instructor in the same or similar way it would be done with a human instructor. Directly in the on-board application or at the comfort of their home using a computer, the pilot watches the post-flight analysis and moments where artificial intelligence suggested improvements to piloting procedures.

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