SAE Committee

We are pleased to inform that our company becomed as a member of SAE International G-34 "Artificial Intelligence in Aviation" Committee. This Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining SAE Technical Reports (i.e. Aerospace Information Reports, Aerospace Recommended Practices, and Aerospace Standards) on the implementation and certification aspects relate to AI technologies inclusive of any on or off-board system for the safe operation of aerospace systems and aerospace vehicles.

EUROCAE Working Group

We are pleased to inform you that our company becomed as a member of EUROCAE WG-114 "Artificial Intelligence" working group. The primary scope of this group is to prepare technical standards, guides and any other material required to support the development of systems and the certification of aeronautical systems implementing Artificial Inteligence technologies. We look forward to sharing our R&D achievements so far and support the working group with formation of on-board virtual assistants aimed at enhancing the safety of aircraft operations.

INTEGRA Glass Cockpit relies on our Artificial Inteligence

We are pleased to announce that the INTEGRA Glass Cockpit, the world's famous Airborne Flight System is the first who fully integrated AFI-X Artificial Flight Instructor developed by our company.
This AI feature allows real-time pilot performance monitoring on the INTEGRA Glass Cockpit split screen, as-well-as post-flight data analysis in a PC and it also may be tailored and used as support for pilot training programs - either civil or military for inclusive and sustainable aviation safety.